Mshi: means in Arabic walk.
Mashiya: means in Arabic make it a trend.

Mashiya campaign is a play on words: ‘’Mashiya’’ and ‘’Mshi’’, combining the stairs and the trend, to make the physical activity a daily practical lifestyle.

Mashiya is a wellness campaign for almost all the Lebanese community, it is conveyed by a small sticker and a motivational step counter mobile APP thru which you can collect steps to challenge yourself and others, like friends & co-workers.

Walk your wait whenever you have time to collect baby steps.

It is really amazing how your health bank account could be everywhere with you, you just have to fill it with baby steps! Do you think could you become rich?

By walking 1 step, 2 steps or 100 and more steps, you decide and achieve your daily target by taking action now!

– Make your Gym everywhere.
– Belong to a sustainable active lifestyle that could be anytime and anywhere.
– Raise awareness, create a better healthy community and be socially responsible.
– Manage yourself, and adapt with the available public spaces, to get involved in a practical wellness program.
– Less guilt feeling related to fitness and health, especially when you think you should exercise and you don’t have time.
– Have more time for your wellness.
– Use the energy from the ideal place, your extra energy/calories.
–  Keep your basal metabolic rate high.
– Stay fit through a practical, an easy and adapted daily fitness program.
– Stay energetic and prevent injuries and diseases.
– Re-program your brain to take control and keep the well-being action plan on the go.
– Promote the daily routine wellness culture, and transmit it to our future generation.

As you can see, it is a teamwork and an individualized wellness campaign, for a better society and a better change, because we can make a change.

Mashiya sticker demo


Our ancestors were living in a traditional gym long time ago, in nature, where work and work-out were one task, as they were working and making a living in the same time (gardening…), when they were visiting each other (walking on hiking trails…)…

Our professional life in the Lebanese city, especially in Beirut now is way different, as the type of jobs are different, the buildings are too close to each other, the public spaces and green areas that connects the regions geographically are becoming more and more inside a theoretical architectural master plan on papers, the stress caused by the closed city and buildings is proportional as much as the buildings are close to each other, the traffic, the responsibilities, ect…All the above is influencing our stress level, our brain, our focus, our priorities, and our body, trying to make a new shape to our future wellness and generations, making our self-management and our wellness, a survival task not to be used but on emergencies.

Why go and wait in hospitals’ emergencies, when we are obliged to have time? And we can’t take action and control our practical wellness daily activities? Do we really need to reprogram our brains through a smooth way?

A small sound inside of our conscious mind always whispers to tell us: ‘’you should take care of your well-being today through many ways, fitness, wealth, connecting with others, travel, have fun…’’

As a leading company in Lebanon promoting health and wellness, ProMax will stay committed to raise awareness in this rope lifting century between the sitting mode and the active mode.




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