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Camille Attieh is a social entrepreneur, an entrepreneur for a cause, the founder and owner of the ProMax, a company that he established to bring to life his passion of assisting individuals attain well-being through positive lifestyle regimes, including re‐connecting with nature with the purpose of reinforcing the mind as well as the body. Being an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, he hopes that wellness seekers, and those who have made resilient associations with nature, will in turn become agents of positive change in their communities, helping others to achieve a heightened sense of health.  In addition to his role as corporate wellness consultant and health coach, Camille Attieh is also a corporate team building consultant, and holds a BA degree in physical education, as well as 2 MBA - master's degrees in sports management & a thesis in active lifestyle adoption in the corporate world...

1.Listening to the world. Integrating traditional, alternative and western medicine – ‘Dr. Meg Jordan’
2.Advanced body language. ‘Bill Acheson’
3.The power of the mind to heal. ‘Dr. Joan Borysenko’
4.Evolve your brain. The Science of changing your mind ‘Joe Dispenza’
5.The living matrix. The New Science of Healing. ‘Emaginate
6.Digital Nation. PBS
7.Psychology. Principles in practice – ‘Holt, Rinehart and Winston’
8.The effectiveness of humor in leadership roles. ‘Rose Dubois’
9.Mystical brain. ‘Alive mind media’
10.The trust factor. ‘Dr. Kerry Johnson’
11.Prospecting skills that work. ‘Warren Greshes’
12.Emotional intelligence. ‘Daniel Goleman’
13.Peak performance principles. ‘Jack Canfield’
14.Coping with stress. ‘EVN’
15.Make my life easier. ‘Warren Greshes’
16.Best practices guide to intervention. ‘Pedagogic approach for students’
17.STRESS portrait of a killer. ‘NG’
18.Hungry for change. ‘Food Matters’
19.High performance selling. ‘Don Hutson’
20.Liberating leadership. ‘Isaac Getz’
21.Anger management. ‘EVN’
22.Extraordinary relationships. ‘Tommy Spaulding’
23.Stress less. ‘Pamela Jett’
24.Leadership for success. ‘EVN’
25.The master stream method. Precision sales tools for dramatically increasing productivity – ‘T. Falcon Napier’
26.Remarkable communication skills. ‘Pamela Jett’
27.Being strategic. ‘Erica Andersen’
28.The power of transformational thinking. ‘David Essel’
29.Body language. ‘Richard Mulvey’
30.Where words prevail. ‘Cicely Berry’
31.Activating the law of attraction. ‘Jack Canfield’
32.Power talking. ‘George Walter’
33.Conversation strategies for creating preeminence. ‘Mike Lipkin’
34.Living Luminaries. On the serious business of happiness. ‘Group of speakers’
35.The truth about lying. Uncovering myths and facts about deception – ‘Stan Walters’
36.Goal setting techniques that work. ‘Warren Greshes’
37.The will to win. How to use Attitude, Aptitude and Appetite to reach your next level. ‘Willie Jolley
38.What do they want? How do they want it? Using the diamond touch to improve your sales and service strategy – ‘Dr. Nate Booth’
39.Manners that sell. First impressions. 7 seconds to sink or swim. ‘Lydia Ramsey’
40.Would you do business with you? ‘Jane Handly’
41.Manifesting change. The secret law of attraction. ‘Mike Dooley’
42.Stress management therapy
43.Middle sexes. Redefining he & she. ‘HBO’
44.Memory power. Supercharge your mind to instantly recall names, ideas & information. ‘Blaine Athorn’
45.Getting thru to your emotions. The emotional freedom techniques. ‘Phillip & Jane Mountrose’
46.Human transformations. ‘A&E’
47.Turning self-backs into comebacks.  ‘Willie Jolley’
48.Winning and reinvention. Persistence attitude success.  ‘Stephen Covey, Dennis Conner, Howard Schultz, Ray Kroc’
49.The 7 habits of highly effective people. ‘Steven Covey’
50.Healthy body, healthy mind. ‘Glaxo Smith Kline & GE medical systems’
51.The science of positive focus. ‘Brian Tracy’
52.Science of the soul. The story of transpersonal psychology. ‘Kevin Page’
53.Performance driven selling. How to move beyond the basics to extraordinary sales success – ‘Jeff Magee’
54.Grow. Ten strategies for maximizing your leadership potential. ‘David Rendall’
55.Keys to a better life. How to transform your reality through goals, focus, and belief –  ‘Micheal Wicket’
56.The reality of the virtual. ‘Slavoj Zizek’
57.Memory management. ‘Richard Mulvey’
58.New sales speak: the 9 biggest sales presentation mistakes & how to avoid them. ‘Terri Sjodin’
59.Honesty, responsibility and integrity. Building Character. ‘EVN’
60.Managing meetings. ‘Richard Mulvey & Roger Knowles’ – Perception business skills.
61.Time management from the inside out. ‘PBS’
62.Manners that sell. Networking Magic. Connecting with confidence. Business etiquette. ‘Lydia Ramsey’
63.Hypnosis. Stop smoking within one hour. ‘Susan Hepburn’
64.Stay awake and relax. ‘Harry Palmer’
65.You’ve only got 4 minutes. ‘Richard Mulvey’ – Perception business skills.
66.Growing up online. ‘PBS’
67.Live at the oxford union debating society. ‘David Icke’
68.Spirit space. A journey into your consciousness.
69.Focus. Organizing your time and leading your life. ‘David Rendall’
70.Selling a great way to reach the top. Zig Ziglar.
71.The 10 keys to personal power. Brian Tracy.
72.The birth of a new humanity. ‘Drunvalo Melchizedek’
73.Journey of man. How did the human race populate the world? ‘PBS’
74.Connection and encouragement. ‘Harry Palmer’
75.Alcohol and the brain. ‘EVN’
76.Human body anatomy. Overview.
77.Success skills from the corner office. Leadership success. ‘Jack Welch and Alfred Sloan’
78.Accelerated learning techniques in action. ‘Colin Rose, Malcolm and Jayne Nicholl’
79.Don’t sell yourself short. ‘Harry Palmer’
80.Creating a killer PowerPoint presentation in 60 minutes or less. ‘Jim Edwards’
81.How to read faces. ‘Samantha Joy’
82.The human face. ‘BBC’
83.Personal responsibility, compassion & service to others. ‘Harry Palmer’
84.Creating customers for life. ‘Michael Wickett’
85.Everest. 50 years on the Mountain. ‘N.G’
86.Psychological seduction of Christianity today. ‘Martin & Deidre Bobgan’
87.Living an exceptional life. ‘Jim Rohn’
88.The four factors of effective leadership. ‘David Rendall’
89.Where does the evidence lead? ‘Illustra Media’
90.Life challenges. ‘Harry Palmer’
91.Public speaking made easy. ‘EVN’92.    Through the eyes of autism. ‘Erica Jean’
93.The secret law of attraction. ‘Jack Canfield’
94.The fun Factor. ‘Christine Cashen’
95.Accelerate your business. ‘Dan Coughlin’
96.Street smart selling and marketing. ‘Jeff Slutsky’
97.The global brain. ‘Peter Russel’
98.Go put your strength to work. ‘Marcus Buckinghans’
99.Wingman team building and leadership. ‘Waldo Waldman’
100.Phone power. ‘George Walther’
101.Customer service from the heart. How to genuinely serve others at the highest level possible. ‘James Lloyd’
102.Can we live forever? New technology for a longer life. ‘Nova science now’
103.The seven spiritual laws of success. ‘Deepak Chopra’
104.Food matters. Let the food be the medicine. ‘Professional group speech’
105.In search of the perfect human diet. ‘Professional group speech’
106.What the bleep do we know? Science & Spirituality. ‘Professional group speech’
107.Grow younger. Live longer. ‘Deepak Chopra’
108.Boundless potential. Reinvent your career in middle and beyond. ‘Mark Walton’
109.Secrets of the soul. ‘Alive mind’
110.Bigger, stronger, faster. ‘Magnolia’
111.DNA. ‘Discovery’
112.Coronary artery disease. Angina – Heart attack. ‘Your Health’
113.Fat, sick and nearly dead. Reboot your life. ‘Joe cross’
114.Easy way to stop smoking. ‘Allen Carr’
115.Fight science. ‘National Geographic’
116.What will the future be like? ‘Nova science now’
117.The Mayo Clinic Diet. Areal plan for lifelong, weight-management and weight-loss success.
118.Flowin. A new Swedish training concept.
119.Home-Based practical therapy for self-massage.
120.TRX – Rip Trainer – Basic Training.
121.Prostate. ‘Your Health’
122.Convaincre en moins de 2 minutes. Communication, attention et adaptation ‘Nicholas Boothman’
123.Petit traité de vie intérieure. ‘Frédéric Lenoir’
124.Between the folds. The science of art, the art of science. ‘PBS’
125.Milk. Does it do a body good? ‘Sebastian Howard and Claude Barnes’
126.Terms and conditions may apply. ‘Tacma’
127.The first Olympics. ‘History’
128.The botany of desire. ‘PBS by Michael Pollan’
129.The DASH diet. A research based plan proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol without medication. ‘Marla Heller MS, RD.
130.Back pain. ‘Your Health’
131.How Facebook changed the world. ‘BBC’
132.The ABC’s of couple’s fitness
133.The Corporation. ‘Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan’
134.Organizing from the inside out. ‘Julie Morgenstern PBS’
135.Total Fitness. ‘Jean Pierre Clemenceau’
136.Burzynski. Cancer is serious business.
137.The Flowering of Human Consciousness. The power of now. ‘Eckhart Tolle’
138.Monster walk. Speed Building Workout ‘Lifeline – Jon Hinds’
139.Around the world in 90 minutes. ‘BBC’
140.The Miracle of Life. ‘NOVA Science’
141.World in the Balance. The population paradox. ‘NOVA’
142.Russia. ‘Jonathan Dimbleby’
143.Brain Games. ‘National Geographic’
144.Les Dangers des Vacances. L’essentiel de la science. ‘e=m6’
145.How does the Brain Work? ‘PBS – NOVA science now’
146.Art of war. ‘Sun Tzu’
147.Les mysteres de l’univers. ‘e=m6’
148.Hackers : Outlaws and Angels
149.The Brain. ‘History’
150.The Alzheimer’s Project. ‘HBO’
151.Fractals. Hunting the hidden dimension. ‘PBS’
152.Newton’s dark secrets. Explore the obsessive genius of sir Isaac Newton ‘NOVA’
153.The Human Body. The incredible journey from birth to death. ‘Robert Winston’
154.Inside the human body. Discover the beautiful, alien world within you. ‘BBC’
155.The Distracted Mind – Attention, Distraction and the Myth of Multi-Tasking. ‘PBS’
156.TRX – Basic training – An introduction to suspension training.
157.My Brilliant Brain – Unlocking some of the Brain’s biggest Mysteries. ‘National Geographic’
158.Secrets of the Mind – Dr. Ramachandran. ‘NOVA’
159.The Brain Fitness program. ‘PBS’
160.Brain Fitness Frontiers – Exploring the brain’s ability to change throughout life. ‘PBS’
161.The science of sex appeal. ‘Discovery’.
162.BOSU – 4 in 1 workout.
163.Brain Fitness Peak Performance. ‘PBS’
164.Harmonic wealth – Attract the life you want. ‘James Arthur Ray’.
165.The new science of learning – Brain Fitness for kids. ‘PBS’
166.Inner Management. ‘Sadhguru’.
167.The secrets of body language. ‘History’.
168.The secret.
169.Going beyond positive thinking! ‘Gary Coxe live’.170.What are dreams – Inside the sleeping brain? ‘PBS’.
171.The motivation breakthrough. “Richard Lavoie” PBS
172.Hooked on food – Zed
173.Doubling your productivity – Brian Tracy
174.The unbreakable laws of self-confidence – Brian Tracy
175.Better communication. Richard Mulvey
176.Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds
177.The Les Brown Story – Life lessons from the man behind the motivation. Les Brown



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